The Truth Behind A Dangerous Industry

For decades and centuries on end, older generations have told children that drinking a cow’s milk is good for their health and will help them grow big and strong. In fact, cow’s milk is something that is considered essential for a child’s survival and most parents will give their children milk every morning in the hope that their children will grow up big and strong. However, the belief that drinking a cow’s milk during childhood and well in to adulthood is essential is a myth and a lie that has been formulated by the dairy industry itself. The dairy industry invest millions in to advertising every year to tell parents, teachers and even doctors that it is vital that a child drinks the milk of a cow. 

Know the facts

However, if we were to take a step back and look at this picture logically, you will realise that no other mammal in history drinks the milk of another mammal and certainly does not do so in to adulthood. The fact is that drinking a delicious dairy milk in to adulthood is one of the most unnatural and shockingly unhealthy practices that humans partake in and this practice results in many illnesses and mysterious symptoms of illness that most people will chalk down to an “allergy” that will continue for years and sometimes an entire lifetime.

The human body was never designed to ingest nor digest dairy milk and therefore will almost always reject this dangerous substance however, with time, like with most substances; your body will tend to get immune to it for the most part. However this is not the case with most people and this is why you will see many people who have dairy intolerance.

On fact that will surprise you is that dairy intolerance or lactose intolerance as it is more commonly known is a lot more common than we think. In fact, most of those underlying symptoms of illness that we will often ignore, or chalk down to a mysterious allergy that we could never find the source of will be down to dairy intolerance in a milder form. You will find that most people who have decided to give up dairy completely will become healthier and much more active as a result. Giving up dairy is extremely easy today as there are a number of amazing substitutes such as almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, oat milk and many other that can be used for exactly the same things that we use cow’s milk for but will be very much healthier substitute.