Does Your Office Have All These Must-Have Facilities?

An office is the place where an employee spends more than one third of this waking hours. It is necessary to provide them with all required facilities so that they feel appreciated and taken care off at the work place. In case you have been wondering if you have been doing the right thing as an employer and whether your employees have been provided with all required facilities, have a check for yourself with the below listed facilities:

Comfortable furniture – From comfortable chairs to ergonomic chairs, it is necessary for every office to have the best infrastructural facilities that will help employees perform their duties without any difficulty. Comfortable chairs, desks, workstations, water dispenser, all form essential facilities that a workplace must have without fail. Access to drinking water is important to ensure that employees remain hydrated at all times. Dehydration can drain the energy of an employee and make them feel tired and exhausted even before half of the shift gets over.

Supply of fresh and clean air is a must for any office- It is necessary to clean and refurbish the air conditioners on a regular basis to ensure that there is no stale air revolving inside the office premises during working hours. In fact, some companies have even gone to the extent of setting up a natural ambiance within the office to give their employees maximum comfort during working hours. There are organizations which have installed solar heated water dispenser to serve their employees with safe and pure drinking water. 

A good working environment will boost employee morale as well as productivity to new heights- It is possible to get the best work out of employees only if they are provided with an ambient working condition. Moreover, it is necessary to ensure their safety at all times. Employee safety is a cause of concern in manufacturing organizations where heavy machinery is under operation round the clock. Without proper protocols and infrastructure to take care of employees, accidents can happen, leading to injuries or even fatal instances. Hence, employers should take care to ensure that the employee is at all times insulated from accidents that could be caused due to faulty machinery or inadvertence.

Global corporations have long since understood the need to provide their employees with safe and sound working conditions- In fact, companies like Sony have been providing air conditioned factory floors since the second half of the nineteenth century when most employers preferred installing ceiling fans. Today, brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, twitter, etc. are known not just for their career prospects but also for the terrific work environment that they provide. Long gone are the days when employee working facilities were sacrificed for the sake of profitability.