A Different Way To Smoke

Everybody is familiar with tobacco cigarettes. Nowadays, cigarettes are the most affordable choice for anybody who is looking to have a smoke, no matter whether they are light smokers or very heavy smokers. Then there are some lesser famous variants, such as the larger tobacco cigars. But have you ever heard about hookah smoking?

A hookah can be defined as yet another much better smoking device, which consists of a water pipe, connected to a chamber containing a mixture of tobacco, molasses or any other flavoring materials, such as fruit flavors. This mixture of tobacco is then roasted using charcoal, producing tobacco smoke. The smoke is then filtered through water and is finally inhaled by the smoker by means of a mouthpiece at the top of the smoking device. A hookah is also commonly called as shisha, argileh or narghile.

There are many theories surrounding the origin of hookah smoking. Hookah pipes are normally attributed to have had an origin in India around the 15th century. It was around this time that glass manufacturing became a commonplace, with many glass vessels being exported to various other countries due to trade. This also applied to hookah smoking, which gradually spread throughout the Middle East, becoming a well-documented practice among members of the royalty of the Ottoman Empire.

Unlike cigarette smoking, hookah smokers rarely opt to smoke pure tobacco. Instead, quite a large variety of flavors, ranging from generic fruit flavours to much more exotic varieties. A few examples of Al Fakher hookah flavors are apple, cherry, grape, watermelon, banana and even mint. As you can see, there are flavors encompassing a variety of fruits, which means that every hookah smoker has something to suit his or her tastes. What really made hookah smoking popular, though, is definitely the fact that contrary to normal cigarette smoke, the smoking experience is quite relaxing and soothing due to the sweet smell and aromas, thereby enticing many young people to try their hand at a smoking session.

One other popular variety of hookah is smoking tobacco free versions. Not all people are comfortable with inhaling tobacco smoke from hookah pipes, since it is pretty much the same kind of smoke that you get when you smoke a cigarette. Due to this, it is not uncommon to see people trying tobacco free shisha at first, due to the experience being much more easier on first-timers.
Another emerging trend going about the hookah smoking community is the tendency to go for hookah pens, which a little bit different from the traditional hookah pipes used by most. Hookah pens are yet another type of e-cigarette, and function in pretty much the same way. Some pens also claim to be nicotine free, which may be the reasons for their quick growth in popularity.